A Novel
The real devils are the ones living inside of you.

Drayaden Sinclaire is a cursed man on the Desert Land, a place Toreth sends their criminals to live out the rest of their days on the hostile stare of the sun. To survive, Drayaden has three rules: he kills when he needs, never before; he always pays his debts; and he never draws his sword. But when a town mysteriously vanishes into thin air, Drayaden's world is thrown asunder. The only hint as to what caused the destruction are a sole set of footprints imprinted in the sand, a scar on the Devil's cheek. The journey leads Drayaden down a deadly, winding path, forcing him to confront the very thing he fears most: himself.

Everyone has demons on the Desert Land, but Drayaden's are real, sleeping, waiting to arise from within. And it's only a matter of time until they do...

Supernatural beasts, cowboys, guns, swords, whiskey, and a whole lotta action. It's a riproaring ride!

Available for preorder on 25th November '16, with official release on 12th December on Amazon.